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Our Funding

Research Funding

Since 2000 our research has been supported by a portfolio of contracts amounting to over £6M ($11.3M).

Current Funding

"Fabrication, Characterisation and Nanophotonic Applications of Plasmonic Waveguides made of Metallic Nanorod Arrays", EPSRC 2008-2011, £450K

"Investigating the fabrication and dipole characteristics of complex ferroelectric nanoshapes", EPSRC, 2007-2010, £538K.

"Magnetoelectric materials", Intel (Ireland), 2007-2009, £11K

"Dynamic studies of the linear optical properties of nanostructured media", EPSRC, 2006-2009, £426K .

"Surface plasmon devices for applications in communication and signal processing", EPSRC, 2007-2010, £380K.

"Polymer-based nanoplasmonic componets and devices (PLASMOCOM)", EC FP6 STREP, 2006-2009, QUB share: €400K.

"Plasmon enhanced photonics (PLEAS)", EC FP6 STREP, 2006-2009, QUB share: €370K.

"High density data storage", Seagate Technology (Ireland), 2006-2009, £84K.

"Nanoscale electro-optics of metals and molecules using UHV-STM", EPSRC, 2006-2010, £525K.

Past Funding (since 2000)

"Nano-structured capacitor elements via self assembly on nano-porous alumina", EPSRC, 2005-2008, £256K.

"Fabrication & Investigation of Single Crystal 'Thin Film' Capacitors Cut Using a Focused Ion Beam Microscope (FIB)", EPSRC, 2005-2008, £186K.

“PHOREMOST: Nanophotonics to Realize Molecular-Scale Technologies” EC, FP6 NoE, 2005-2008, £50K.

Desygn-IT: 'Design, Synthesis and Growth of Nanotubes for Industrial Technology' EC FP6 STREP, 2004-07, £115K

“PLASMO-NANO-DEVICES: Towards Sub-wavelength Miniaturization of Optical Interconnects and Photonic Components” EC, FP6 NoE, 2004-2007, £210K.

“METAMORPHOSE: Metamaterials Organised for radio, millimeter wave and Photonic Superlattice Engineering" EC, FP6 NoE, 2004-2007, £28K.

Novel nonlinear photonic metamaterials based on metallic nanostructures, NSF-EPSRC Materials Programme, 2004-2007, £200K

"Excimer laser for electroceramics", EPSRC, 2005-2006, £22K.

"Critical interfaces in currently-produced capacitors will be characterised, and as a consequence manufacturing processes and/or materials altered to enhance capacitor performance, leading to sales improvements for AVX Ltd", KTP with AVX Ltd, Coleraine, 2005-2007, £123K

Nanostructured Materials, Media and Characterisation in Nanotec NI, Invest NI & EU PEACE II, 2003-06, £2.2M.

European Thematic Network on Polar Electroceramics (POLECER), EC FP5, 2002-2006, £10K.

In situ & ex situ, linear and nonlinear magneto-optic studies of nano-scale magnetic media, EPSRC ROPA 2002-2005, £101K.

Theoretical and experimental investigation of the dead-layer effect in ferroelectric thin film capacitors, EPSRC, 2002-2005, £145K.

Optical Manifestations of Planar Chirality, EPSRC, 2002-2005, £26K

An International Research Centre for Experimental Physics, DHFETE-SPUR/QUB, 2001-2004, £9M. (Shared)

Focused ion beam microscope, EPSRC, 2000-2003, £563K.

The Northern Ireland thin film characterisation suite, EPSRC, 2000-2003, £832K.

Near-field second-harmonic imaging and diagnostics of advanced magnetic materials and devices, EPSRC, 2000-2003, £128K.

 Near-field, second harmonic optical microscopy of mesoscopic magnetic and ferroelectric structures, EPSRC, 2000-2003, £60K.

Investigation of the high-field electromechanical response of thin film relaxors, EPSRC, 2000-2003, £163K.

 Magneto-optic recording beyond the diffraction limit, EPSRC, 1999-2002, £126K.

Use of femto-second laser for 2nd harmonic magneto-optics, EPSRC, 1999-2002, £101K

Electromagnetic interactions in tunnelling, EC(TMR) FP5, 1998-2002, £130K.

Dynamic in-situ magneto-optic studies, EPSRC, 1998-2001, £102K.

Optical scanning probe microscopy, EPSRC, 1997-2000, £183K.

Contact Information

Centre for Nanostructured Media (CNM)
International Research Centre for Experimental Physics (IRCEP)
School of Mathematics and Physics
Queen's University Belfast
Belfast BT7 1NN

Tel: 028 9097 3572
Fax: 028 9097 3110

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