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Staff, Students and Contacts

Academic Staff:

 Professor    Robert    Bowman  
 Dr    Paul    Dawson  
 Dr   Miryam   Arredondo  
 Dr   Fumin   Huang  


 Professor    Marty    Gregg  
 Dr    Bob    Pollard  
 Dr   Solveig   Felton  
 Dr   Amit   Kumar  

Facilities Manager:



EPSRC Career Acceleration Fellow:

 Dr    Alina    Schilling  

Marie Curie Research Fellow:

 Dr    Alessio    Morelli  

Postdoctoral Research Staff:

Dr   Reyad   Mehfuz  
Dr   Raymond   McQuaid  
Dr   Ryan   McCarron  
Dr   Bill   Hendren  
Dr   Mark   McMillen  
Dr   Antony   Murphy  

PhD Students:

Joel   Katzen  
Niall   Browne  
Tim   Farrow  
Michael   Campbell  
Stacy   Drakeley  
David   Edwards  
Philip   Lisk  
Mike   Hardy  
Matthew   McMullan  
Suzanne   Gray  
James   Bennington  
Matthew   Nicholson  
Denis   O'Donnell  
Matthew   Nicholson  
Kevin   McNeill  
Christopher   Ward  
Jonathan   Whyte  
Colin   Forbes  
Alan   Douglas  
Matthew   McAuley  
Kristina   Holsgrove  
Alexander   Amy  
Keith   McClung  

Contact Information

Centre for Nanostructured Media (CNM)
International Research Centre for Experimental Physics (IRCEP)
School of Mathematics and Physics
Queen's University Belfast
Belfast BT7 1NN

Tel: 028 9097 3572
Fax: 028 9097 3110

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