Plasma Medicine

Introduction to Plasma Medicine

Plasmas created in air produce: 

 Charged particles  electrons and ions
 Radicals  eg N, O, NO, OH, H2O2, O3
 Metastables  eg  N2*, O2*
 Light   IR, Visible, UV, VUV

These products can react either individually or synergistically with biological material.

Early studies indicate plasmas have potential applications in

 skin surgery
 tissue disinfection
 regulation of inflammatory processes
 removal and sterilization of the biofilms
 cosmetic re-structuring of tissue
 skin rejuvenation
 tooth bleaching
 blood cleansing


Plasma Medicine in CPP

Plasma sources:

   RF micro atmospheric pressure plasma jet

   KHz atmospheric pressure plasma jets

   Liquid micro-discharges

Current Projects: