Eye and Vision Group

The eye and vision group in QUB consists of academic leaders who hold a distinctive and important position in national and international eye-research. Their work focuses on understanding and treating sight-threatening retinal diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, age related macular degeneration and glaucoma.

The current academic staff members of the Eye and Vision Group are outlined below with links to their specific research interests

  • Professor Tunde Peto
  • Professor Usha Chakravarthy
  • Professor Augusto Azuara-Blanco
  • Professor Nathan Congdon
  • Dr Ruth Hogg
  • Dr Lynne Lohfeld
  • Professor Mike Clarke
  • Professor Ciaran O’Neill
  • Dr Ving Fai Chan


Belfast Reading Centre, CARF and NetwORC UK

Located in the Centre for Public Health, The Belfast Reading Centre (Belfast RC) and CARF (the Central Angiographic Resource Facility) provide grading, management services and academic input for grant funded studies led by the Reading Centre clinicians and for pharmaceutical sponsored clinical trials and external academic trials. Apart from their own activities, the Belfast RC and CARF coordinate the activities of the Reading Centres Consortium in the UK (Moorfields, Belfast and Liverpool) for which Professor Tunde Peto is the current chair. They are part of a unique network structure, NetwORC UK, pooling the expertise of highly qualified and experienced personnel in the fields of clinical research, ophthalmic imaging and information technology.  For further information please visit the link below:



Meet our team

Meet our team

Meet the eye and vision team

Meet our team