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New mums face many challenges when they have a baby and there may be areas that they could benefit from support. We are interested in finding out how we can support new mums in the first two years after having their baby. 

By taking part in this research you will be helping us find the best ways to support new mums. We are testing out two text message interventions to support new mums in the postpartum period.  Some of the messages you receive may be helpful for you and/or your baby during the 12 months. This trial will tell us if our approach is acceptable to women and whether it will be worth trialling on a larger scale. 

If you take part, you will receive text messages on ONE of these topics for 1 year.


  • Texts about diet and physical activity to help you lose weight.


  • Texts about your child's health and development.


To find out more about the SMS study, please download our SMS study leaflet

For more information or to join this new study please email: supportingmums@qub.ac.uk  

or telephone: 07596 839 285


Alternatively, you can contact:

Dr Ciara Rooney by email: c.rooney@qub.ac.uk or telephone: 07596 839 281

Caroline McGirr by email: cmcgirr18@qub.ac.uk or telephone: 07596 839 286

For further details please email: supportingmums@qub.ac.uk