Why are we doing this study?

New mums face many challenges when they have a baby and there may be areas that they could benefit from support. We are interested in finding out how we can support new mums in the first two years after having their baby. 


Do I have to take part?

No, it is up to you whether or not you want to take part. If you do decide to take part, you are free to leave the study at any stage without giving a reason for doing so.


What will happen if I take part?

If you decide to take part we will contact you to explain the study in more detail and answer any further questions you may have.  You will then receive text messages which will be sent to your mobile phone for the next 12 months. The number of text messages you receive each week will change during the study, ranging from 3 per week to 14 per week.


Mums who take part in the study will get text messages on ONE of the two topics shown below. It is important that you understand there is a 50:50 chance you will get texts on either one of these two topics:


1. Information and advice on making healthy food choices and keeping active to help you lose weight.


2. Information and advice on your child's health and development


What information will you collect from me if I take part?

As well as getting text messages, we would also like to meet with you 5 times (during the 12 month study. These visits will take place at the start of the study, at 3 months, at 6 months, at 9 months and at the end of the study (12 months).

By taking part in this research you will be helping us find the best ways to support new mums. Some of the messages you receive may be helpful for you and/or your baby during the 12 months.

We do not anticipate any risks from taking part in this study.


Is the study confidential?

All data will be treated with the strictest confidence and your details will not be shared with anybody outside of the University, unless there is a serious risk of harm to you or others. Any information collected from you will be stored securely on a password protected file on a computer held at Queen’s University Belfast. A back-up copy will be kept in a secure filling cabinet. You will only be identified by a unique ID code.


How will I find out the results of this project?

If you wish, your contact details can be kept securely and when the study is over we can send you some information about the findings from the project. We will ask you whether this is something you would like if you decide to take part in the study.


Who is organising and funding the research?

The work is being organised by researchers at the Centre for Public Health (Queen's University Belfast), and is funded by the National Institute of Health Research and Public Health Agency Northern Ireland.


Has this study been approved for safety by an ethics committee? / Is this study safe?

This study has been reviewed and approved as ethically sound by the School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences Research Ethics Committee.

Useful External Links

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Family Support NI - Comprehensive database of family support and childcare services across Northern Ireland.

Home Start - Supports parents as they learn to cope, improve their confidence and build better lives for their children.

Samaritans - Available 24 hours a day to provide confidential emotional support

Sure Start - Promotes and develops high quality, evidence-informed early childhood services for young children, their families and communities.

Women's Aid - Provides a wide range of services to women and children affected by domestic violence throughout Northern Ireland.


 Although we try to point people towards good advice and services, the Supporting MumS Study cannot be held responsible for the content of linked or recommended external internet sites.