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The Nutrition and Metabolism group is focused on how diet and lifestyle factors may affect chronic disease risk, including obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, with the ultimate aim of translating findings into improvements in both patient care and healthcare policy. The group consists of seven members of academic staff, six members of technical staff, six post-doctoral research fellows and 20 postgraduate students. Research is based in recently renovated laboratories on the Royal Victoria Hospital site.  A number of research approaches are used, including population-, clinical- and laboratory-based, with particular emphasis on biomarker identification and assessment, and dietary intervention studies, including supplementation studies. The development of interventions which encourage behaviour change is also a focus.  Current research funding is from the Medical Research Council, Heart Research UK, World Cancer Research Fund, Safefood, Northern Ireland Research and Development Office, Centre for Ageing Research and Development in Ireland, and Northern Ireland Chest Heart and Stroke. The Nutrition and Metabolism group has a 100% record of MPhil and PhD students completing their postgraduate studies. Researchers within the Nutrition and Metabolism group work within a multi-disciplinary network of national and international collaborators.

The current academic staff members of the Nutrition and Metabolism group are outlined below with links to their specific research interests:

Professor Jayne Woodside

Dr Marie Cantwell

Dr Valerie Holmes

Dr Michelle McKinley

Professor Ian Young