National and International Collaborations

  • The Oxford Centre for the Study of Intergroup Conflict. Led by Professor Joanne Hughes and Professor Miles Hewstone a team of RAs and PGR students from Queens and Oxford work collaboratively on a programme of research relating to inter-group contact in education.
  • The Melton Centre, Hebrew University, Jerusalem. World leading scholars, Professors Zvi Beckerman and Moshe Tatar are joint principal investigators on a British Academy award that has entailed a comparative study of issues relating to education in divided Jurisdictions. The collaboration has also enabled one of the Centre’s PGR students to undertake a comparative study of civics education in Jerusalem and Belfast.
  • Center for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution, Macedonia. Since 2009, colleagues in the Centre for Shared Education have collaborated extensively with Professor Violeta Breska and her colleagues in the Center for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution, Macedonia to develop a programme for sharing education in Macedonia.