Intercultural dialogue in Macedonia

Title: Development of a National Programme for the Promotion of Intercultural dialogue in Macedonia
Funder: UNICEF MacedoniaDuration: 2009-2012

UNICEF (Macedonia) invited staff with expertise in Shared Education to tender for a project aimed at strengthening the capacity of the Macedonian education system to promote and enhance ethnic and cultural diversity. Over two years the QUB team worked with senior officials and educationalists in Macedonia to deliver a national level programme for inter-cultural education. Drawing on the shared education model (NI) a plan was developed to connect separate Macedonian and Albanian schools on the basis of shared educational outcomes, that would also facilitate the opportunity for extended inter-group contact (thereby addressing ‘reconciliation’ objectives). The development of the programme involved key officials visiting Northern Ireland for a study tour of educational initiatives currently ongoing, and a series of ‘in-country’ workshops delivered by the QUB team in Macedonia.

UNICEF has now ended its association with the initiative. However, another NGO (USAID) working together with the Centre for Human Rights in Macedonia is involved in taking the initiative forward. The Centre for Shared Education continues to be involved and staff members will visit Macedonia in November to deliver workshops for the USAID team.