Sharing Education Programme

Title: Sharing Education Programme 2
Funder: International Fund for Ireland / Atlantic Philanthropies
Duration: September 2010 to July 2013
Value: £3.7 million

The second cohort of Sharing Education partnerships commenced three years of activities in September 2010. These partnerships were set up to build upon and further develop the experience gained over the first 3 years of the programme.

Sharing Education encourages schools from across all the educational sectors within Northern Ireland to work together for the greater good of their pupils. Under the sharing education model, the right of parents and pupils to choose to  go to a school with a particular ethos is respected. However, this need not preclude pupils from across the sectors working together in order to maximise the effectiveness of resources and increase educational choice – this is particularly pertinent given the current economic situation, coupled with the impending implementation of the Entitlement Curriculum in 2013.

SEP offers a pragmatic approach to addressing the economic realities in delivering education. By sharing resources and reducing duplication of services efficiencies will arise, moreover the potential societal benefits coming from young people working together towards a shared goal regardless of community background is an opportunity not to be missed.

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