2011 Publications


Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Ramiah, A. , Hewstone, M. , Voci, A. , Cairns, E. & Hughes, J. (2011), 'It's never too late for 'us' to meet 'them': Prior intergroup contact moderates the impact of later intergroup contact in educational settings.  In : British Journal of Educational Psychology. Early view.

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Reports and non-Peer Reviewed Articles

Hughes, J. (2011), UNICEF consultation in relation to ECD/Education Programme, enhancing inter-ethnic community dialogue and collaboration project: Task two: In-country capacity building programme (Report to UNICEF, Macedonia. 94pp.)  Unknown Publisher.

Bush, K., Logue, P., & Burns, S. (2011). The Evaluation of Storytelling as a Peace-Building Methodology: Irish Peace Centres Experiential Learning Series, Paper No. 5. Belfast: INCORE & Irish Peace Centres.


Burns, S., Lyons, E., & Niens, U. (2011, July). The embedding of respect for diversity through socialisation processes in the educational and family contexts in Northern Ireland. 34th Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Political Psychology, Istanbul, Turkey.

Burns, S., Lyons, E. & Niens, U. (2011, April). Children’s understandings of ‘respect for diversity’ in post-conflict Northern Ireland. 2nd Conference of Social Psychology in Ireland, University of Limerick.