Education Inequalities in Northern Ireland

Dr Stephanie Burns, Prof Joanne Hughes, and Prof Ruth Leitch from the Centre for Shared Education and Dr Ian Shuttleworth from the School of Geography worked on a research project for the Equality Commission Northern Ireland entitled ‘Education Inequalities in Northern Ireland’. Through the analysis of secondary datasets, interviews with key stakeholders, and a review of the literature, this research investigated current educational inequalities in Northern Ireland - giving consideration to the levels of educational access, attainment, progression and destination across the nine equality grounds (gender, disability, age, dependant status, sexual orientation, racial group, marital status, religious belief and political opinion).  The research findings assisted in understanding the contributory factors and manifestation of educational inequalities and thus provided feedback and recommendations for policies and actions aimed at improving educational opportunities for those affected.  In January 2014, the research team presented the interim findings of the research to a group of key stakeholders at Riddel Hall at Queen's. The stakeholders had an opportunity to engage on the interim findings with a view to informing recommendations for the final report, available at Education Inequalities in NI.

Research Team: Dr Stephanie Burns, Prof Joanne Hughes,  Prof Ruth Leitch from the Centre for Shared Education and Dr Ian Shuttleworth from the School of Geography
Funding: Equality Commission
Duration:Oct 2013 – Spring 2014