About Us

The Centre was launched in 2008 as part of a £20 million investment across the UK to strengthen research into complex public health issues such as obesity and health inequalities.  Researchers at the Centre have already made an impact by actively involving the policy makers, practitioners and the public in all stages of their research, in projects like the evaluation of the Connswater Community Greenway, in schools-based trials and in the way they disseminate their results in easily understood language.

In 2013, the Centre was awarded a further 5 years funding which will enable its team to advance their research on what shapes the health and wellbeing of adolescents in schools, on developing better interventions to improve public health and on the broader social and economic forces that help us all "age" well.

Issues such as obesity and an increasingly ageing population are just some of the factors that are set to impact hugely on society in years to come. Thanks to the funding from all of our sponsors, The UKCRC Centre of Excellence for Public Health NI can continue to build capacity in research that will help counter these problems and extend the evidence base that will inform policy and practice in public health.

Our co-investigators cross two Universities (Ulster University and Queen's University Belfast) and seven Schools in QUB and two Institutes in UU:  School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work (QUB), School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences (QUB), School of Mathematics and Physics, Queen’s University Management School (QUB), School of Education (QUB), School of Biological Sciences (QUB),  and the Institute of Nursing and Health Research (UU) and the Psychology Research Institute (UU).  We also have affilialiated academic staff and students from the School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering (QUB) and the  Gibson Institute (QUB).

The funding Partners contributing to this joint initiative are:

  • British Heart Foundation
  • Cancer Research UK
  • National Institute of Health Research
  • Economic and Social Research Council
  • Medical Research Council
  • Health and Social Care Research and Development Office, Northern Ireland
  • National Institute for Social Care and Health Research (Welsh Assembly Government)
  • Wellcome Trust

The five UKCRC Public Health Research Centres of Excellence are:

Our CoENI Partners are:

  • HSC R&D  (Public Health Agency)
  • University of Ulster
  • W5 Interactive Discovery Centre
  • Community Development and Health Network (CDHN)
  • DHSSPSNI  (Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety)