Boeri, Dr Marco

Keywords:  health economics; economics of stratified medicine; food economics; econometrics; non-market valuation; discrete choice experiments; preference analysis: regret minimization vs. utility maximization

Marco Boeri has a degree in Economics and statistics from the University of Pisa (Italy) and a PhD in Environmental Economics from Queen’s University of Belfast.  During his PhD he advanced the Latent class (LC) analysis in discrete choice experiments by exploring scale adjusted LC models, and he has co-authored the first applications of the Random Regret Minimization model in environmental economics and in health economics.  Before Belfast he was employed in Ducato Spa as analyst and developer of credit products.  He has been involved in several projects: the “EuroXperience” programme (2003); “Francigena” (a project under the Leonardo Da Vinci Project with the University of Pisa) – as Project Manager Assistant –; two projects under the 6th EU Framework Program – EXIOPOL and PLUREL – during his PhD; two European research projects within the 7th EU Framework Program – PURGE and STARTEC –; and “Determining the value of peatland in NI” with NIEA and Quercus. Marco Boeri has been Associate Researcher at “Fondazione ENI Enrico Mattei in Milan in 2011-2012 and research fellow at Queen’s University of Belfast.  He is currently Lecturer in Environmental and ecological economics at Queen’s University of Belfast.  He is interested in health economics, environmental and resource economics, energy economics, non-market valuation, choice experiments, preference analysis: regret minimization vs. utility maximization.