Dr Aideen Maguire

Keywords: mental health; pharmacoepidemiology; data linkage

My research is focused around mental health and utilising secondary administrative data to better understand the determinants of poor mental health in the population. My PhD successfully linked prescribing data from the Enhanced Prescribing Database (EPD) to Census data from the Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study (NILS) and Care Home data from the Regulation Quality and Improvement Authority. My main findings were associated with the individual, household and area level predictors of psychotropic drug utilisation. I was further involved in The Grief Study linking EPD, NILS and Northern Ireland Mortality Study data to analyse the effect of bereavement on mental health given bereavement experience, i.e. loss through illness/sudden death/suicide. I am currently involved in data linkage projects utilising both the Honest Broker Service (linking child health data to EPD to study early life factors and mental health) and the NILS (using detailed household information to study mental health, wellbeing and multi-morbidity within households). I have also recently been involved in securing an ESRC Secondary Data Analysis Initiate grant to utilise data on receipt of disability benefit to determine the mental health profile of claimants. My research is of major interest to mental health service providers, charitable organisations and in particular to the Assistant Director of Mental Health and Learning Disability, Department of Health.