Dr Jenny Davison

Keywords: health; wellbeing; schools

Jenny is a Research Assistant at the Centre for Public Health, based in the School of Education at Queen’s University Belfast. Since coming to Queens in 2012 from Ulster University, Jenny has worked across numerous randomised controlled trial evaluations within Education. Jenny is currently working on a MRC funded school-based exploratory study which aims to capture the lifestyle, attitudes and behaviour of 11-16 year olds within Northern Ireland.  Participants were first surveyed in Year 8 (2014) and the first follow-up phase is underway now that these pupils are in Year 10 (2016).  The project aims to follow up this cohort every two years.  Given the lack of research in NI (compared to our UK counterparts), the results of this study will be of interest to other researchers in public health and education, schools, and the Department of Education.  Jenny’s main research interests lie in health and wellbeing, programme evaluation, and behaviour change.