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About the project.

British Academy Project Code: SG 090839

A closed-loop supply chain (CLSC) focuses on taking back products from customers and recovering added value by reusing the entire product, and/or some of its modules, components, and parts (V. Daniel R. Guide Jr. and Luk No. Van Wassenhove, 2009). CLSC not only corresponds to the needs of building a resource-saving and environmental-friendly society, but can also allow the companies to improve the corporate profits and win the reputation of advancing green environmental protection. The research about closed-loop supply chain is underdeveloped; as a result, many problems lack systemic and in-depth research, especially the optimization and coordination of the closed-loop supply chain. In this proposed research, taken the competition between companies into consideration, this problem will become more complex but far closer to the CLSC reality. This research will allow us to discuss how to realize the optimization and coordination of the overall closed-loop supply chain.

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