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The following are core members of the DRN across QUB including academic staff and research students - please follow the link to our research portal (PURE) to access further information on their work and contact details.


Professor Berni Kelly


Dr Bronagh Byrne

Professor Michael Brown

Professor Franziska Schroeder

Dr Paul Best

Professor Gavin Davidson

Dr Paula Devine

Professor Declan French

Dr Claire Kerr

Dr Mark Linden

Dr Elizabeth Martin

Dr Alison MacKenzie

Keith McAllister

Dr Patricia McNeilly

Dr Lorna Montgomery

Professor Duncan McVicar

Professor Allen Thurston


Name   Research Area PhD Supervisor(s)
Haifa Alfouzan Physical activity in children with cerebral palsy in Saudia Arabia Dr Claire Kerr, Dr Sonya Clarke & Dr Malcolm Brown
Ingri-Hanne Brænne Bennwik The transition from child welfare to adult life for young people with disabilities (with VID Specialized University, Norway) Dr Berni Kelly
Sarah Blelock An exploratory study of person-centred intensive support for young adult males with learning disabilities and complex needs. Prof Michael Brown & Prof Berni Kelly
Brenda Brady Arts-based Interventions, Mental Health Stigma and Help-Seeking in Northern Ireland 

Prof Gavin Davidson

Dr Paul Best

Dr Claire McCartan 
Claire Cooper Social participation and quality of life in young adults with cerebal palsy Dr Mark Linden & Dr Claire Kerr
John Cowman From awaking from monastic slumber to unprecedented opportunity for Irish mental health services to address housing needs Prof Gavin Davidson
Cormac Coyle Policy and Practice developments in Northern Ireland’s Adult Safeguarding. A qualitative comparative study of United Kingdom and Ireland Prof Gavin Davidson
James Cunningham Performance without barriers Prof Franziska Schroeder &  Dr John D'arcy
Gillian Curran Missing Voices: The educational experiences of girls with Asperger syndrome Dr Bronagh Byrne
Laura Doyle Adult Safeguarding in Northern Ireland: a study of the relationship between social deprivation and adult protection referrals in Northern Ireland Dr Lorna Montgomery & Dr Lisa Bunting
Soibi Godwin-Clark Legal protection of children with intellectual disabilities from violence: a case study of Nigeria Dr Bronagh Byrne
Kate Hills Resilience in Club level swimmers Prof Gavin Davidson
Clare Howie   Preventing psychosis in young people: a secondary level school-based study  Prof Gavin Davidson 
David Jackson-Perry Autism and Sexuality: Challenging Behaviour? Dr Bronagh Byrne
Leo Kuzmenko Co-designing immersive virtual reality environments together with people with dementia Prof Franziska Schroeder &  Dr John D'arcy
Emma Loudon  The experience of families living with parental mental illness: An evaluation of Family Focused practice  Prof Gavin Davidson 
Alex Lucas AHRC study ‘Bridging the Gap’ investigating access barriers in music production (with Jacob Harrison at Queen Mary University in London)  Prof Franziska Schroeder 
Katie Martin To examine disabled children’s experiences of domestic violence and abuse to develop children’s social work responses

Prof Berni Kelly & Prof Nicky Stanley (UCLAN partner)

Mary Rose Martin Implementation of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) in routine service provision 

Dr Anne Campbell

Prof Gavin Davidson 
Mary-Elaine McCavert Sleep disturbances in children with cerebral palsy in Northern Ireland  Dr Claire Kerr, Dr Oliver Perra & Dr Karen McConnell (UU) 
Daniel McFadden Social Support Experiences of Imprisoned Men in Northern Ireland

Prof Gavin Davidson

Dr Michelle Butler

Dr Emma Barrett
Danielle McIlroy Decision-making processes in learning disability services- in whose Best Interests?  Dr Lorna Montgomery & Prof Gavin Davidson 
Damian Mills How Immersive Technology can afford better inclusion of disabled musicians in music making  Prof Franziska Schroeder &  Dr John D'arcy 
Wendy Mupaku Transitional Journey of South African Care-Leavers with Intellectual Disabilities (with University of Johannesburg, South Africa) Dr Berni Kelly  
Carmel Quinn Teaching and Disability: An Appreciative Inquiry of Personnel in Education Dr Bronagh Byrne
Colette Ramsey How can learning from Serious Adverse Incident reviews contribute to reducing deaths by suicide of people in the care of Mental Health Services Prof Gavin Davidson
James Todd A study of the social work role with adult vulnerable witnesses Prof Gavin Davidson
Adele Boyd Collaborative PhD Studentship with School of Nursing and Midwifery and Mae Murray Foundation ‘Social Inclusion for Children and Young People with Complex Disabilities. Claire Kerr, Bronagh Byrne, Karen McConnell and Fiona Lynn