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Postgraduate Research Forum

The Disability Research Network (DRN) has a new PGR Forum that aims to promote cross disciplinary learning and networking opportunities for the strong body of postgraduate researchers across the University who have an interest in disability issues. 

We are welcoming new members and membership is open to anyone engaged in postgraduate research that falls partly or wholly within the field of disability research who is interested in meeting fellow researchers to share disability cross-disciplinary research experiences.  

If you are interested in joining the PGR Forum, please contact Prof. Berni Kelly at:  

The PGR Forum is led by the following Steering Group of postgraduate researchers - please follow the link to our research portal (PURE) to access further information on their work and contact details.

Adele Boyd

Sarah Blelock

John Cowman

Danielle McIlroy

Brenda Brady

Claire Cooper

Leo Kuzmenko

Damian Mills