Review of legislation and policy guidance for Adult Social Care in NI. Funded by: Commissoner for Older People in NI (Contact: J.Duffy/G.Davidson)

ARK Ageing Programme ( Funded by: The Atlantic Philanthropies, Queen’s University Belfast and University of Ulster. Runs until 31 December 2016. (Contact: P. Devine)

Development of State of Evidence Papers on Disability Policy & Practice. Funded by: National Disability Authority. Completed: 2012. (Contact: G. Davidson).

A Review of Elder Abuse in Northern Ireland and a Review of Adult Protection Legislation across the UK, Ireland and Internationally – Commissioned by the Office for  the Commissioner for Older People, Northern Ireland, Belfast, January, 2013. (Contact: J. Carter Anand)

The Transition to Personal Budgets for People with Disabilities: A Review of Practice in Specified Jurisdictions, A National Disability Authority Working Paper 2012 written by Janet Carter Anand, Gavin Davidson, Geraldine Macdonald and Berni Kelly, School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work, Queen’s University Belfast, National Disability Authority, Dublin ROI:$File/personal_budgets_state_of_evidence_nov_2012.htm

Total Indifference to our Dignity: Older People’s Understanding of Elder Abuse Completed 2011, Age Action, Dublin, Ireland (Contact: J. Carter Anand)‘atotalindifferencetoourdignity’–olderpeople’sunderstandingofelderabuse