Review of legislation and policy guidance for Adult Social Care in NI. Funded by: Commissoner for Older People in NI (Contact: J.Duffy/G.Davidson)

Improving pathways and care for young people in NI with mental health problems in the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Funded by: Health and and Social Care Research and Development Division of the Public Health Agency. (Contact: G.Davidson)

Meeting the needs of disabled children and young people in public care in Northern Ireland.Funded by: Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister. Due for completion by: 31st January 2015. (Contact: B. Kelly/S. Dowling).

Transitions and outcomes for care leavers with mental health and intellectual disabilities. Funded by: DHSSPSNI: R&D Office. Due for completion by: 31st January 2015. (Contact: B. Kelly/T. McShane/G. Davidson).

What a Difference a Decade Makes: exploring disability and identity in young adulthood. Funded by: British Academy. Complete: September 2013. (Contact: B. Kelly).

Development of State of Evidence Papers on Disability Policy & Practice. Funded by: National Disability Authority. Completed December 2012 (Contact: G.Davidson/B Kelly/ J Carter-Anand)

The participation of disabled children, young people and their parents in health and social care decisions. PhD study. Completed 2014 (Contact: P.McNeilly)