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The Energy, Power and Intelligent Control (EPIC) cluster was formed in January 2012 by combining the Power and Energy cluster led by Professor Haifeng Wang with the Intelligent Systems and Control cluster led by Professor George Irwin. It is now led by Professor Sean McLoone

The Energy and Power work of the EPIC cluster is focused on problems related to distributed sources of energy and their integration into power networks, enabling better collaboration with national and international academic and industrial research centres. Our Intelligent Control research is concerned with principles and applications, the ethos being to link theoretical and technological advances with practical requirements for intelligent systems and advanced control.

EPIC is a member of the IET Power Academy and the EPSRC SUPERGEN consortium and is a major contributor to all-Ireland energy research initiatives, including the new all-Ireland Energy Research Council, via an Irish Government Charles Parsons Award.

The EPIC cluster is operating a Network on Clean Energy linking SUPERGEN to leading Chinese institutions funded by the EPSRC INTERACT programme. It also leads the EPSRC funded UK-China Science Bridge, a strategic alliance between Queen’s University Belfast and leading universities and industrial partners in both China and the UK.

Recent industrial funders of the cluster include: Airtricity, Areva T&D, Caterpillar, ESB, National Grid, NI Electricity, Premier Power and all the other Regional Electricity Companies, and Airbus.