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Mahmoud Ahtaiba

Mahmoud Ahtaiba

Mahmoud Ahtaiba

Mahmoud joined the CDT in September 2018, having previously completed a BSc in Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Sirt University, Libya, and an MSc in Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Glasgow.

For his University of Glasgow Semester 1 Mini Project, Mahmoud is working with Professor Marc Sorel on:

Development of a silicon-rich silicon nitride material for use in photonic integrated circuits.

By leveraging the enormous legacy and infrastructure offered by the electronics industry, silicon photonics is having a major impact on the future development of integrated photonic circuits with an unprecedented level of functionality. However, silicon is far from being an ideal material platform for photonics as it lacks light emission capabilities and its near-infrared bandgap prevents applications in the visible spectrum or the development of efficient non-linear devices at the crucially important telecommunication wavelengths. Silicon nitride offers an alternative solution in terms of spectral transparency at the expense, however, of far worse non-linear properties and modulation capabilities. By combining the best from these two materials, we propose to develop a material platform based on Si-rich silicon nitride that will offer a transformative technology in which both linear and non-linear optical properties can be engineered at will to suit a diversity of applications. The project will involve the characterisation of linear and non-linear material properties through ellipsometry, XPS and optical waveguide measurements.