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Michael Sloan

Michael Sloan

Michael Sloan

Michael joined the CDT in September 2018, having previously completed an MEng in Chemical Engineering at Queen's University Belfast.

For his University of Glasgow Semester 1 Mini Project, Michael is working with Professor Marc Sorel on:

Characterisation of mid infrared LEDs for gas sensing   

LEDs emitting in the mid-infrared are of enormous interest for sensing as most gases have distinct “fingerprints” in this wavelength region. This project involves the construction and assessment of an optical setup for the characterisation of mid infrared active devices. The setup will include the design of the circuit for biasing LEDs, the construction of the opto-mechanical setup to couple and guide the light, and the light detection scheme. The system will be validated on a number of LEDs and detectors designed for CO2 and methane sensing. If time permits, the setup will be computer controlled through LabView VI.