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Ross Jordan

Ross Jordan

Ross joined the CDT in September 2016, having previously completed a BSc in Physics at Queen's University Belfast. In the first semester of 2016/17, he completed a short exploratory practical research project at the University of Glasgow, supervised by Professor John Marsh, Dr L Hou and Dr S Tan - Measurement of THZ repetition frequency sample grating mode-locked laser. In the second semester, under the supervision of Dr Solveig Felton, at Queen's University Belfast, he completed a short research project - Studies of ferromagnetic films using MOKE microscope.

CDT PhD Research Project - Thermal effects in nanostructured magnetic materials

Supervisors: Dr Solveig Felton, Queen's University Belfast and Professor Stephen McVitie, University of Glasgow

With the utilization of heat in HAMR technology a new challenge arises in ensuring the specific magnetic properties and nanostructure of the recording medium and read/write heads are not altered. The effects on the magnetic and microstructural properties, such as magnetic domain structure and hysteretic behaviour, chemical composition and shape retention, of nanostructured magnetic materials will be studied as a function of thermal cycling. The design of the samples will be developed with input from relevant industrial partners, based on both storage media and magnetic components in read/write heads. Samples will be grown, including patterning of the desired nanostructures. These samples will then be subjected to thermal cycling and the effect of this temperature treatment on magnetic properties, such as domain structure and switching fields will be studied, as well as other material properties such as diffusion of atoms across interfaces and the topography of the sample. With this understanding, it is hoped to consider options to improve the effect of the heat on magnetic properties and nanostructures; allowing for more reliable memory recording with greater longevity.