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Simon Munro

Simon Munro

Simon joined the CDT in September 2017, having previously completed a BSc in Physics with Nanotechnology at Dublin Institute of Technology and an MSc in Physics wth Nanotechnology at University College Dublin.

In Semester 1 of 2017-18 Simon completed a short exploratory research project at the University of Glasgow in High Speed Laser Modulation Studies, supervised by Professor Tony Kelly. In Semester 2 of 2017-18, he conducted a practical research project at Queen's University Belfast supervised by Professor Robert Bowman, Ferromagnetic resonance and permeability in magnetic multilayers.


CDT PhD Project



Professor Marc Sorel, University of Glasgow

Professor Robert Bowman, Queen's University Belfast

I am working on one of the industrial based projects where I work in collaboration with IQE based in Cardiff to try and improve the transfer printing process.

Normally I would be trying to print III-V material onto a  6 inch silicon substrate but the goal for this project is to print a III-V material such as GaAs/AlGaAs onto an 8 inch GaAs substrate. To do this effectively the sacrificial layer will need to be examined in great detail, so there can be an efficient transfer process. The sacrificial layer will be undercut leaving a release layer supporting the device by tethers. The current issue is the consistency with how these tethers are fabricated and if there is an issue with the current process can it be improved upon and incorporated for the mass scale.