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Centre for Doctoral Training in Photonic Integration and Advance Data Storage

Rockley Photonics PhD Studentship

Company: Rockley Photonics is an up-and-coming leading manufacturer of silicon photonics chips and system-on-chip solutions for datacom and sensor applications with approximately 110 employees. They undertake very significant R&D and advanced manufacturing activities in the areas of silicon photonics and III-V semiconductor devices at sites across the U.S.A, U.K. and Europe. Rockley Photonics is driving datacenter switching towards new levels of integration by combining merchant silicon switch ASICs and bulky optical transceiver modules into a single low-power, high-density co-packaged optics product. Rockley Photonics' solutions deliver economies of scale and superior performance, and are applied to a broad range of markets including sensing, and machine vision. Rockley Photonics has an extensive R&D partner ecosystem for developing new and improved design and process IP to stay ahead of the competition, in particular in the U.K. and Europe.

Location: After the training phase, the PhD project will be academic-based, primarily at the University of Glasgow (UofG). The student will undertake a secondment to the Rockley Photonics R&D site in Cork during their PhD. As student of CDT PIADS, there will also have the opportunity to use facilities at the Irish Photonic Integration Centre, Tyndall in Cork and at Queen’s University Belfast when required.

Research: The main area of research for the PhD project will be semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOA). Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers (SOAs) are versatile components which can be used for amplification, switching and nonlinear signal processing either in discrete or integrated form. They are also used as gain elements in external cavity and Si-Photonics based lasers. The project will involve the development of SOA parameters related to output power, polarization dependence, waveguide integration, all-optical switching and gain clamping. For further information, please see references from Prof Kelly’s research group below.

Doctoral Programme: PhD  During the application process, use the title "EPSRC CDT PIADS Rockley PhD“

Supervisory Team : Principal academic supervision from Professor Tony Kelly at the University of Glasgow. Professor Kelly has worked on Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers since 1993 and has used them in a range of applications including the demonstration of the worlds fastest regenerative logic gate in 1999. The student will also receive co-supervision from Professor Frank Peters IPIC lead Principal Investigator and Professor at the Department of Physics, University College Cork and an Industrial Mentor from Rockley Photonics. There will be additional pastoral support from a Queen’s University Belfast Academic and from the CDT Management Team.


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Studentships Available for Application Now (Cohort 2020)

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