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Centre for Doctoral Training in Photonic Integration and Advance Data Storage

II-VI Laser Enterprise EngD

EngD Project Outline

Semiconductor lasers are appearing in our everyday lives, even without us noticing it. Facial recognition, 3D sensors and printers, LIDAR, and data transfer via fibres, are but a few examples. VCSEL (Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser) devices are especially on the rise, thanks to lower manufacturing costs and efficient power consumption. In this exciting project, new technologies for manufacturing VCSEL devices will be developed and investigated. Novel approaches for optical mode control and current confinement will be studied both theoretically and experimentally. The goal of the PhD project is developing innovative VCSEL devices with superior efficiency, optical power and modulation speed. Fig. 1 shows one example of novel VCSEL consisting of 19 closely spaced small emitters of ~2 um diameter, allowing new properties. Another focal point of this project will be establishing the fabrication process and demonstration of reliable operation for potential commercialisation.

Location: All experiments will be carried out in close collaboration with the product development team of II-VI Inc in Zurich. The devices will be fabricated in our world class manufacturing line, device characterization and measurements will be done in the R&D facilities. II-VI Incorporated is the market leader in optoelectronic components for broad range of applications and markets: industrial, tele- and data- communications, medical and consumer electronics. Innovation is in the foundation of company’s philosophy and immense success.

Start Date: September 2022


Fig.1 Novel VCSEL with single emission area consisting of 19 tiny emitters 

The potential student should have an interest in simulation, designing, processing and characterisation of semiconductor lasers. They will work in genuine industry environment and gain experience in:

  • Designing and fabricating VCSEL devices
  • In-depth understanding of semiconductor processes, development of new process steps and optimisation for manufacturing
  • Various laser characterisation techniques, including reliability assessment
  • Reporting of the results within the extended project team and at scientific conferences
  • Writing reports, documentation and scientific papers 

At the end of the project, the student will obtain all the necessary skills for successful implementation to any position in semiconductor industry.

Studentships Available for Application Now (Cohort 2022)
Studentships Available for Application Now (Cohort 2022)

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