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Centre for Doctoral Training in Photonic Integration and Advance Data Storage

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology (OIPT) EngD

Development of Real Time In-Situ Plasma Process Monitoring

Project Description: Plasma processes are a critical part of the manufacture of semiconductor devices, which are essential components of computers, mobile phones, wind turbines, cars and many other products we rely on.

The aim of this project is to take university research into the industrial setting to monitor plasma processes. The student will explore the potential of mass spectrometry to

  • Aid the development of New Plasma Processes
  • Enhance the real time monitoring of Plasma Processes

Person Specification: Project would suit someone with background in Physics, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering or similar / related areas. The project is multidisciplinary and we don’t expect any applicant to come with all the skills required. We do, however, expect a positive attitude and willingness to learn on the job.

During the substantive part of the project it will be necessary for the successful candidate to travel from their main base at Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology in Bristol to Queen’s University Belfast. There may also be opportunities to travel to other locations to monitor plasmas which are being used in production. 

Link to an open-access publication in a related, but different area to the project proposed here.

Studentships Available for Application Now (Cohort 2022)
Studentships Available for Application Now (Cohort 2022)