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Centre for Doctoral Training in Photonic Integration and Advance Data Storage

Partner Testimonials

Brendan Lafferty

R&D Sr Director

Seagate Technology

"The CDT for Photonic Integration and Advanced Data Storage continues to grow from strength to strength through the leadership of Queens University Belfast and the University of Glasgow. It is refreshing to see students proactively involved with the definition of their own career path, developing their technical knowledge in parallel with inter-personal relationships, communication and business acumen. The industrial applications and growth potential in this field continues to grow and I am very encouraged with the emerging home grown talent to ensure we continue to harness the opportunity" 

Mat Wasley

Knowledge Transfer Manager for Photonics

Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN)

"Photonics is a major growth area both in the UK and worldwide. Integrated photonics is a key driver and its application to data storage is set to underpin significant technology development. This CDT is therefore excellently positioned to drive forward vital R&D and ensure the provision of the necessary industrial skills".


Dr J. Iwan Davies

Technology Director

IQE plc Group

“IQE delivered strong financial results in 2016-17, with Photonics being the stand-out performer with strong double-digit sales growth - 43% year-on-year and a CAGR of more than 35% over the past three years. Largely attributed to VCSEL and InP technologies, enabling broad application areas in fibre optic communication, advanced sensors and industrial processes, the Group has multiple high growth opportunities ahead. In order to meet such demands, the cutting edge technologies and skillsets afforded by the PIADS CDT through the intensive and focused training of our future scientists and engineers, in conjunction with directly relevant project work, enables a major potential contribution to the resources and capabilities of companies like IQE”.

Frazer Anderson

Strategic Marketing and Business Development Director

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology

“The long-term prospects for the integrated photonics market, and the markets for products based on this technology, are bright. The combined markets are expected to be worth hundreds of billions of euros annually in the next 5 to 10 years. Through the leadership of Queens University Belfast and the University of Glasgow, the CDT for Photonic Integration and Advanced Data Storage has ideally positioned itself to support the growth in these markets. Commercial success requires the development of new skills, and the fostering of innovation to shape these future technologies. The CDT offers a great opportunity to train and develop the future generation of scientists and engineers for this. It is already clear to all involved in the CDT that the students are being both supported and challenged to take a proactive involvement in their own development, not only in the technical skills required, but also in developing team working, communication and commercial capabilities.”

Dr Antonio Samaerlli

Former Project Manager

Kelvin Nanotechnology Ltd  

"The world of integrated technology and photonics is rapidly growing and expected to reach devices and systems with unprecedented overwhelming performances. This ubiquitous presence requires the development of novel skills and the fostering of new ideas to shape future technologies. The CDT of photonic integration is a great opportunity to train and work industrials, academics and the future generation of scientists and engineers that will shape the world of tomorrow."  

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