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Programme Specifics for Year One Students

Semester 1

10 September 2018 - 14 December 2018

Semester 1 is spent at the University of Glasgow completing the following taught courses:

ENG5174 Nanofabrication

ENG3025 Electronic Devices or PHYS4028 Solid State Physics

PHYS5041 Nano and Atomic Scale Imaging 1

ENG5298 Lasers and Integrated Optics

ENG5297 Insights to Industry

ENG 5310 Exploratory Practical Project


Semester 2

7 January 2019 - 7 June 2019

Semester 2 is spent at Queen's University of Belfast.

You will choose 2 from:

PHY9047 Magnetic Materials

PHY9048 Electronic Materials

PHY9049 Optical Materials

PHY9050 Plasmonic Materials

Further details on theses modules can be found on the Book of Modules


PHY9051 Teamwork and Collaboration Skills in a Cross-Geographical Society

NT8006 Innovatiion Academy Leadership Development

INT8001 Innovation Academy Creative Thinking and Innovation

Summer Research Project

During the June to August period period you will undertake a summer research project.  The summer research project can be a stand-alone project or it can lead into a substantive PhD project.  The list of projects available each year will be in line with the Centre’s priority research themes under the guidance of the Centre’s Steering Board.  These are:

  1. Ultra-reliable semiconductor lasers operating in a hostile environment (high temperatures of around 100 °C and potentially high pressure)
  2. Low cost planar lightwave circuit (PLC) platforms for coupling lasers into passive waveguides and suitable for volume manufacture
  3. Novel nanoplasmonic devices and antennas capable of operating in extreme environments (high temperatures around 300°C and pressures up to 10 atm)
  4. Advanced materials for magnetic recording optimised for high temperature fluctuations through composition, layering and patterning on micro- and nonomentre scales
  5. Characterisation and failure analysis using scanning robe and electron microscopy with electron and x-ray material analysis

 For information, below are the details of research projects allocated to the current CDT students:

  1. Advanced Metrology for Templated Nanostructures
  2. Antiferromagnetic Materials for Optical Recording
  3. Nanostructured Plasmonic Arrays for Optical Detection
  4. Plasmonic Antennas for Extreme Light Concentration and Harvesting
  5. New Forms of Magnetic Storage: Manipulation of Skyrmion Lattices for Memory and Logic
  6. Thermal Effects in Nanostructured Magnetic Materials
  7. Mapping Plasmonic Excitations of Patterned TiN Nano-elements in the Scanning-transmission Electron Microscope
  8. Design Optimisation for an Integrated Optical Device based on Laser Interactions with Nanostructured Arrays
  9. Semiconductor Lasers for Harsh Environments
  10. Exploring the Role of Magnetostriction in Permalloy Multilayers using Transmission Electron Microscopy
  11. Developing the Use of Functional Domain Walls in Oxides for Memory Storage Applications
  12. Hybrid optical components for advanced quantum systems
  13. GaN blue lasers for photonic integration
  14. Quantum Dot Photonic Crystal Surface Emitting Laser
  15. Hybrid Integrated Silicon Photonic Transceiver  
  16. Heterogeneous integration of III-V lasers to optical waveguides
  17. High thermal stability plasmonic materials – beyond noble metals – for HAMR antennae
  18. Probing the temperature and heat transfer in plasmonic nanoantennas
  19. Plasmonic properties of silver fractal nanostructures
  20. Structure and Ferroic Ordering at Conducting Domain Walls

Your primary base for the summer research project will be either Belfast or Glasgow as per the institution/location of the primary supervisor.  

Please refer to the Summer Research Project Booklet for detailed information on the requirements for the project.