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Centre for Doctoral Training in Photonic Integration and Advance Data Storage

Information for Current CDT Students

The EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Photonic Integration and Advanced Data Storage offers you a 4 year cutting-edge doctoral training programme, providing access to state of the art laboratories and equipment and world-leading research staff at both the University of Glasgow and Queen's University Belfast. 

We have complied a Student Handbook which sets out some important information anout the programme.  Please ensure you read this carefully.

Access the PIADS Handbook Here

Useful Forms:

Requisition Form

Request for Payment

The information for PIADS students published prior to the the 2020-21 Student Handbook can be found through the links below.  Please note this information has now been superceeded by the Student Handbook.

2019/20 Schedule

Email Addresses

Programme Sepcifics for year One Students

Assessment and Examinations in Year One

Programme Specifics for Year Two Students

Programme Specifics for Year Three Students

Programme Specifics for Year Four Students

Academic Awards

MRes Regulations

Student Progression

Publications & Acknowledgement of Support

Misconduct Regulations & Appeals

Financials For Year One Students

Financials for Year Two Students

Financials for Year Three Students

Financials for Year Four Students

Travel Insurance

Committment to External Engagement and Outreach

Student Support Services

Equal Opportunities

Student Complaints Procedure