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Centre for Doctoral Training in Photonic Integration and Advance Data Storage

External Engagement & Outrecah Committee

The External Engagement and Outreach Committee is responsible for implementing the Centre's Impact Agenda within the CDT. 

External Engagement & Outreach Committee Members

Dr Solveig Felton (Chair) CDT Training Coordinator QUB
Professor Marc Sorel Chair of the CDT Research & Training Committee and CDT Training Coordinator, University of Glasgow
Dr Bob Pollard CDT Research Theme Leader, QUB
Professor Marty Gregg CDT Research Theme Leader, QUB
Professor Stephen McVitie CDT Research Theme Leader, University of Glasgow
Dr Miryam Arredondo Queen's University Belfast
Dr Hadi Heidari University of Glasgow
Mrs Brenda Morris CDT Executive Manager
Dr Caryn Hughes CDT External Engagement Manager
Ms Lynne Brown
Research & Business Development Manager, University of Glasgow
Dr Conor Quinn Business Alliance Manager, QUB
Ms Jade Scott CDT Student Representative
Ms Hannah Johnston CDT Student Representative
Mr Jack Brennan CDT Student Representative
CDT Committees
CDT Committees