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Centre for Doctoral Training in Photonic Integration and Advance Data Storage

Programme Specifics for Year One Students

Semester 2

6 January 2020 - 5 June 2020, Winter School (16-17 Jan), Annual Conclave (17-18 Jun) 


Semester 2 is spent at Queen's University of Belfast.

You will take

PHY9049 Optic Materials
PHY9051 Teamwork and Collaboration Skills in a Cross-Geographical Society

Introduction to Global Leadership and Management

Exploratory (Individual) Laboratory Research Project

And you will choose 2 from:-

PHY9047 Magnetic Materials
PHY9048 Electronic Materials
PHY9050 Plasmonic Materials
PHYZZZZ Electronic Structure Modelling


Further details on theses modules can be found on the Book of Modules




From Academic year intake 2019 and onwards, in PIADS 2.0, there will be no summer research project. Students will enter into their substantive research project period. 

Semester 1

16 September 2019 – 20* December 2019

* 20 December 2019 is the last day of the semester - all examinations/assessments must be completed by this date. Students are free to make travel plans from the 20 December onwards.

Solid state exam usually much earlier

Semester 1 is spent at the University of Glasgow completing the following taught courses:


ENG5297 Insights to Industry

ENG5298 Lasers and Integrated Optics (Photonics)

ENG 5324 Research Methods and Practice Group Project M


And a choice of two of:

ENG5174 Nanofabrication

ENG3025 Electronic Devices  

PHYS4028 Solid State Physics 

PHYS5041 Nano and Atomic Scale Imaging 1

Queen's University Belfast Crest

University of Glasgow Crest