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Centre for Doctoral Training in Photonic Integration and Advance Data Storage

Student Testimonials

"I would highly recommend this CDT programme to all students. In addition to fantastic facilities, world-class research and excellent industrial support across QUB and UoG, this 4 year programme provides initial taught courses which gives you more confidence in choosing a PhD project which suits you best"


"I chose this CDT programme due to the direct connections to key industry contacts and the diverse research opportunities available. The first year was created from what is wanted by employers, increasing technical knowledge, business acumen and innovative abilities. Because of this, I feel the addition of a first year gives CDT students an advantage over typical PhD students who may not have the same extensive opportunities to develop skills in these areas"


"I started my PhD at CDT - PIADS programme in January 2015. Although I am still in the middle of the first year, I already feel that this experience is extremely positive and enjoyable in too many ways. The programme is of high standards and runs jointly by two reputed UK academic institutions such as Queen’s University of Belfast and University of Glasgow, along with 12 industry partners. I am currently enjoying the first class training on the state-of-the-art nanofabrication technologies at the JWNC; in a very short period I have been trained to fabricate DFB Lasers, electronic resistances, and p-n junctions from scratch until the testing of the final devices performance. I am also enjoying the training on the various electronic microscopy tools, SEM, TEM, AFM,...etc, which I consider as an addition to my academic knowledge and skills. However, all the other modules are equally interesting and useful. And I look forward and exciting about the second semester at the School of Maths and Physics - QUB. The academic staff in both institutions are excellent and supportive and the administrative department is aware of our needs as a group and responsive to our feedback. On the other hand, the different academic backgrounds of the students; Computer science, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering,...etc. adds the element of the team-work skills and would be an extra valuable skills to be gained. In general, I feel very lucky to being part of this unique PhD programme"