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Centre for Doctoral Training in Photonic Integration and Advance Data Storage

Research Projects

CDT research students are engaged on a range of challenging doctoral research projects across the Centre's five main research themes, as shown below.  All students are jointly supervised by academic staff from the University of Glasgow and Queen's University Belfast. 

Ultra-reliable semiconductor lasers operating in hostile environments

Current Projects:

Semiconductor Lasers for Harsh Environments

Hybrid optical components for advanced quantum systems

GaN blue lasers for photonic integration

Quantum Dot Photonic Crystal Surface Emitting Laser

Development of 25GBIT/S Distributed Feedback (DFB) Laser Devices

Advanced Epitaxial Solutions for Compound Semiconductor Component Integration

Development of a Multispectral Coherent Lidar


Low cost planar lightwave circuit platforms suitable for volume manufacture 

Current Projects:

Design Optimisation for an Integrated Optical Device based on Laser Interactions with Nanostructured Arrays

Hybrid Integrated Silicon Photonic Transceiver 

Heterogeneous integration of III-V lasers to optical waveguides 

Advanced Materials for Photonic Integration


Novel nanoplasmonic devices capable of operating in extreme environments

Current Projects:

Plasmonic Antennas for Extreme Light Concentration and Harvesting

Plasmonic properties of silver fractal nanostructures

Advanced Metrology for Templated Nanostructures

Nanostructured Plasmonic Arrays for Optical Detection

High Thermal Stability Plasmonic Materials - Beyond Noble Metals - for HAMR Antennae

Intermetallic Plasmonic Antennas

Bringing AB-INITIO Design to the Lab: Design of New Plasmonic Materials

Novel Materials Synthesis for HAMR Plasmonics


Atomic scale analysis techniques

Current projects:

Antiferromagnetic Materials for Optical Recording

New Forms of Magnetic Storage: Manipulation of Skyrmion Lattices for Memory and Logic

Developing the Use of Functional Domain Walls in Oxides for Memory Storage Applications

Structure and Ferroic Ordering at Conducting Domain Walls

Exploring the Role of Magnetostriction in Permalloy Multilayers Using Transmission Electron Microscopy

Reprogrammable Micromagnetic Transport

Making and Characterising Atomic Scale ID P-N Junctions for Nanoscale Logic Gates

Exploring Domain Cross-Talk and Cycling Effects in Polcrystralline Ferroics

Advanced materials for magnetic recording

Current projects:

Mapping Plasmonic Excitations of Patterned TiN Nano-elements in the Scanning-transmission Electron Microscope

Thermal effects in nanostructured magnetic materials

Exploring 3D Nanopatterned Structures Fabricated by Plasma FIB

Manipulation and Exploitation of the Dynamic Processes of Skyrmions