Antwerp (March 2009)


1st Work Group and 2nd Management Committee
16 - 17 March 2009
Antwerp, Belgium



Summary presentations for WG1, WG4 and WG5are available. WG5 data capacity is also available.

Monday 16 March 2009

 12.30 Registration and light lunch   

Welcome and background to EuGESMA

Ken Mills (UK) 

All Participants 

Key Note Speaker on MDS: Pierre Fenaux (Fr)

 All Participants
14.00 Work Group Meetings Separate WG Sessions


Lars Bullinger (Ger): Current state of profiling mRNA and miRNA expression - a decade of genome-wide profiling efforts.

Brief Introduction of participants:

  • Alex Kohlmann (Ger): GEP-AML-diagnosis
  • Myriam Alcalay (It): GEP to ChlP-chip data in cells expressing AML1/ETO
  • Olivier Nibourel and Norbert Vey (Fr): GEP-AML
  • Andrea Pellagatti (UK): GEP in MDS
  • Silvana Debernardi (UK): miRNA profiling - AML/MDS
  • Enrico Tagliafico (It): miRNA - profiling


Discussion: possible interactions, definition of a working program of WG1


Lars Bullinger (Ger)

Margaritta Guenova (It)



Welcome: Sophie Raynaud/Tiziana Storlazzi

  • Quick presentation of participants (Round Table)
  • Overview of expected WG2 activities: Sophie Raynaud


Breakthroughs and challenges of the SNPs/CGH microarrays diagnosis for AML and MDS.  Chair: Jude Fitzgibbon

  • Sakari Knuutila: Array CGH on AML/MDS diagnostics - a five year experience
  • Azim Mohamedali: SNPs array in low grade MDS
  • Doris Steinemann: Array-CGH in pediatric MDS
  • Tiziana Storlazzi: Summary of published manuscripts within the descriptive genomic using SNPs and CGH technologies
  • General Discussion


Perspectives for collaborative scientific projects.  Chair: Tiziana Storlazzi

  • Sophie Raynaud: Results of a survey on the use of microarrays in ELN WP11 laboratories
  • Each participant presents few slides on their work/platform
  • General Discussion.  Chairs: Sakari Knuutila/Sophie Raynaud
  • WG summary, concluding remarks:  Sophie Raynaud

Sophie Raynaud (Fr)

Tiziana Storlazzi (It)



  • Velizar Stefanov Shivarov (Bul)
  • Ester Mejstrikova (Cz)
  • Kirsten Groenbeak (De)
  • Soili Kytölä (Fin)
  • Christine Chomienne (Fr)
  • Philippe Guardiola (Fr)
  • Claus Rainer (Ger)
  • Christoph Plass (Ger)
  • Giovanni Perini (It)
  • Saverio Minucci (It)
  • María Abáigar (Es)
  • Peter Cockerill (UK)

Brigitte Schlegelberger (Ger)

Soren Lehmann (Swe)



  • Norbert Gatterman (De): The use of valproic acid as an HDAC inhibitor in myelodysplastic syndromes: the Düsseldorf experience
  • Christian Brandts (De): Sorafenib in elderly AML
  • Daniela Cilloni (It): Screening of new drugs using transgenic Drosophila
  • Giovanni Martinelli (It): Suggestions from SNP array analysis on leukemia stem cells: new targets and new drugs in the therapy for leukemias
  • Jackie Boultwood (UK): Clinical applications of large-scale gene expression profiling in MDS
  • Nevena Veljkovic (Ser): Pattern Discovery-Based Method for BioSequences: In Silico Tool for Analysing Interactions, Binding Domains and Mutations
  • Olivier Kosmider (Fr): Mutations of TET2 in myelodysplastic syndromes
  • Xhiziong Li (De): Leukemia induced by altered TRK-signalling is sensitive to rapamycin treatment in a mouse model
  • Enrique Ocio (Es): Novel HDACi combinations for the treatment of AML
  • Rose Ann Padua (Fr): DNA vaccination and nanoproteomics 

Rose Ann Padua (Fr)

Nevena Veljkovic (Ser)



  • Javier de las Rivas (Es): Tools to integrative analyses of Affymetrix microarray data (expression and copy number) and method to build a leukemia multiclass predictor based on transcriptomic profiling
  • Jaakko Hollmen (Fi): Modeling DNA copy number amplification pattern in human cancers
  • Cesare Furlanello (It): Recent material on biomarker stability from predictive classifiers
  • Silvio Bicciato (It): Genomic data integration with specific application to myelopoiesis
  • Lara Nonell (Es): Microarray data analysis and integration approach with an overview of ongoing and incoming leukemia/MDS projects
  • Andrea Zangrando (It): MLL rearrangements in pediatric acute lymphoblastic and myeloblastic leukemias: MLL specific and lineage specific signatures
  • Lucjan Wyrwicz (Poland): Functional annotation of gene lists in microarray studies

Martin Dugas (Ge)

Sakari Knuutila (Fi)

18.00 Short Management Committee Meeting Chair, VC, WG Chair & VC, STMS Chair and VC
20.00 Walking tour of Antwerp and Ruben style dinner All Action


Tuesday 17 March 2009


 Key Note Speaker on AML: Lars Bullinger (Ger)

All Action 

 WG's summary (15 mins max)

Composition, proposed outcomes and interactions with other WG's

 All Action
11.15   STMS proposals: Jude Fitzgibbon (UK)  

Coffee and departure for non-MC participants

MC Committee Meeting

15.00 Depart