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Learning Group 1 to meet in Ghent, Belgium, on 27-29 April 2009

The first meeting of the JLICED Learning Group 1 - Program Development (racial and ethnic divisions) will take place in Ghent, Belgium, on the 27-29 April 2009. During this meeting the Learning Group members will share their experiences in developing, monitoring or researching early childhood programs in regions characterized by divisions and/or conflicts. Experts from the Learning Group will discuss among each other examples of enabling practices in their country or in countries they are studying.

The aim of this first working meeting is to uncover some common strands, as well as issues of dispute and difference. On the third day, these issues will be discussed in round tables with the participants of an international conference on Early Childhood Education in Contexts of Racial and Ethnic Divisions, organised by the Learning Group Co-Chairs in collaboration with the Department of Social Welfare Studies, Ghent University and VBJK.

Please visit the Events section for further details on this international conference.

The Learning Group 5 meets in February 2009 at the University of Arizona, USA
The Children's Rights and Voices in Research, Policy and Program Planning Symposium, hosted by Arizona State University on 18 February 2009, brought together members of the JLICED Learning Group on Children's Rights and Advocacy with graduate students, researchers, and leaders of state and community-based agencies focusing on children and child care. Plenary panels focused on children's rights and participation in cross-cultural context and challenges in putting policies into practice. Smaller, more interactive sessions focused on cultural tensions and dimensions, children's rights in marginalized communities, rights issues for refugees including language rights, and foregrounding children's rights in policymaking. Presenters included both Learning Group members and local colleagues. The conference was co-chaired by Professor Beth Blue Swadener and John Ng'asike, Ph.D. student in Early Childhood Education at Arizona State University (on leave from Kenyatta University, Kenya). The event also involved a number of doctoral students who chaired sessions and served as recorders. Ms. Mercy Musomi, co-Chair of the JLICED Learning Group on Children's Rights and Advocacy, also assisted in planning the Symposium.

Presenters included: Janette Habashi, Barbara Koech, Laura Lundy, Colette Murray, Mercy Musomi, Bekisizwe Ndimande, Nkidi Phatudi, Valerie Polakow, Kylie Smith and Beth Swadener (Learning Group members), and local presenters Dr. Doris Warriner (Arizona State University), Eman Yarrow (Refugee Services Manager, Arizona Office of Refugee Resettlement) and Susan Wilkins (Executive Director, Association for Supportive Child Care).


The JLICED Learning Group 3 meets at the University of Melborune, Australia, February 2009
The Centre for Equity and Innovation in Early Childhood, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, hosted the first meeting of the JLICED Learning Group 3: Children, ‘Race’ and Ethnicity, 19th – 20th February 2009. Professor Field Rickards, Dean of the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, welcomed the Learning Group to the University of Melbourne. Professor Rickards emphasized that the JLICED was an important example of international research collaboration, building new knowledge through engagement between researchers, practitioners and policy makers and embedding research into the development of teaching and learning programs at the University. It exemplified the inter-relationship between research, teaching and knowledge transfer that was highly valued at the University of Melbourne.


The international Learning Group spent the two days of their meeting shaping their program of work over the next two years. They will begin their work by undertaking an extensive literature review of international literature on how young children experience ‘race’ and ethnicity and the effects of respect for diversity early childhood programs on young children. Part of this work will involve developing a digest of qualitative methods for researching young children’s understandings and experiences in early childhood programs that promote respect for diversity.


Learning Group 3: Children, ‘Race’ and Ethnicity Group membership

1.      Glenda MacNaughton, Professor and Director, CEIEC, MGSE, University of Melbourne (Australia) (Co-Chair).

2.      Sri Marpinjun, Executive Director, LSPPA (Indonesia)  (Co-Chair).

3.      Deevia Bhana, Professor of Education, Faculty of Education at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

4.      Patricia Ramsey, Professor of Child Psychology, Department of Psychology and Education Faculty, Mass, USA.   

5.      Rohaty Mohd Majzub, Professor of Educational Psychology and Early Childhood, Faculty of Education, Universiti Kebangsaan, Malaysia.

6.      Sue Atkinson, Research Fellow, CEIEC, University of Melbourne, Australia.

7.      Sumalee Kumchaiskil, Faculty of Education, Chaing Mai, Thailand.

8.      Audrey D’Cruz, Coordinator of early childhood programmes, Aga Khan University-Institute for Educational Development (AKU-IED), Pakistan.

9.      Anke van Keulen, Director, MUTANT Bureau, The Netherlands.    

10.  Sara Alvarado Salgado, Director of the Centre for Advanced Studies in Childhood and Youth (Joint venture: CINDE-Manizales University), Colombia.


The Learning Group was also joined by other members of the JLICED – Professor Paul Connolly (Queens University, Belfast – Co-Director, JLICED), Professor France Aboud (McGill University, Toronto – Co-chair Survey and Evaluation Learning Group, Professor Jacqueline Hayden (Macquarie University, Sydney – Co-chair Social Inclusion – Generating Priorities Learning Group) and Dr. Karina Davis (CEIEC, University of Melbourne – member Program Development Learning Group). The next face-to-face meeting of the Learning Group will be in Chaing Mai, Thailand in August 2009.


Prior to the Learning Group meeting Professor Paul Connolly and Professor Frances Aboud presented a public seminar on their work in the JLICED. This was sponsored by a University of Melbourne International Research Planning Workshop Award.

JLICED Steering Committee to meet in Nairobi, Kenya on 21-22 October 2008

The next meeting of the JLICED Steering Committee will take place in Nairobi, Kenya on the 21-22 October 2008. During the meeting, the Steering Committee will:

  • Consider and agree the proposed memberships and activity plans for each of the six Learning Groups
  • Which regions the JLICED intends to target in relation to partnering and supporting local organisations and researchers to develop new early childhood programmes aimed at promoting respect for ethnic diversity
  • The format, date and venue for an international conference the JLICED will host in the summer of 2010

Please visit this website for further details on all of the above as they become available.

April 2008: Inaugural meeting of JLICED Steering Committee held in Belfast

The inaugural meeting of the JLICED Steering Committee meeting took place in Belfast on 8-9 April 2008. This represented the first time that most members of the Steering Committee had met one another. The two days were used to share experiences and perspectives, to develop relationships and to review and agree the Core Values and Programme of Work for the JLICED.

Over the coming months, Steering Committee members will be developing activity plans for their respective Learning Groups while the JLICED Secretariat will focus on creating a website for the JLICED and undertaking initial feasibility studies for a number of potential regions that the JLICED intends to target during its next phase in relation to partnering and supporting local organisations and researchers to develop new early childhood programmes aimed at promoting respect for ethnic diversity. These activity plans and feasibility studies will be considered at the next Steering Committee meeting to be held in October 2008 in Kenya.


JLICED Steering Committee (from left): Sri Marpinjun (Indonesia), Paul Connolly (School of Education), Beth Swadener (USA), Tony Gallagher (School of Education), Colin Tredoux (South Africa), Frances Aboud (Canada), Mercy Musomi (Kenya), Siobhan Fitzpatrick (Northern Ireland), Jacqueline Hayden (The Netherlands), Oscar Odena (Project Manager), Glenda MacNaughton (Australia), Michel Vandenbroeck (Belgium) and Dr Ileana Seda-Santana (Mexico). [Dr Marta Arango (Colombia) not pictured]

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