2nd Annual Beaufort Marine Biodiscovery Meeting at QUB

Queen's University Belfast, 10-11th December 2009

The 2009 Marine Biodiscovery annual workshop was held in the McClay Pharmacy Building in Queen’s University Belfast on 10 and 11 December 2009. The programme included a mix of project partners (UCC, NUIG and QUB) with guest speakers, such as Professor Russell J. Stewart, University of Utah (tubeworm glue), and Bernard Picton from the Ulster Museum in Belfast (Irish marine biodiversity). Professor Bill Baker, University of South Florida, presented his Vision for a Marine Biodiscovery Programme in Ireland.  

One morning session consisted of presentations from Irish funding agencies (Science Foundation Ireland, InterTrade Ireland. Invest Northern Ireland and the NHS), highlighting opportunities for funding of Marine Biodiscovery activities.  Abstracts of presentations were collated by Ilaria Nardello, co-ordinator of the Irish National Marine Biotechnology Programme.

Fergal O’Gara (University College Cork), Alan Dobson (University College Cork), behind -guest speaker Bill Baker, Dermot Hurst (Marine Institute), Brendan Gilmore (Queen's University Belfast)  

Prof. Fergal O'Gara (UCC), Prof. Alan Dobson (Acting PI, UCC), Prof. Bill Baker (Guest Speaker, Florida), Dr Dermot Hurst (Marine Institute) and Dr Brendan Gilmore (QUB) at the Workshop 


Workshop registration   

Registration at the Second Beaufort Marine Biscovery Workshop in the McClay Pharmacy Building, Queen’s University Belfast


Close to capacity audience 

 Audience at the Second Beaufort Marine Biscovery Workshop


Bernard Picton, Guest Speaker    

 Bernard Picton, guest speaker from the Ulster Museum, describing Ireland’s marine biodiversity


 Carsten Wolff 

Carsten Wolff (NUIG) reporting on his project on marine sponges at the Second Beaufort Marine Biscovery Workshop


Mark Johnson, NUIG Lead 

Prof. Mark Johnson, NUIG, addressing the Second Beaufort Marine Biscovery Workshop 


Christine Morrow, QUB PhD Student studying sponges     

 Christine Morrow, PhD student at QUB, describing her research on the systematics and phylogeny of marine sponges