Overview of Project

The overall aim of the Beaufort Marine Biodiscovery Project is to sample and assess Irish marine biological diversity and extract, identify and develop natural products and other biomaterials for application in areas such as drug discovery and biomedical research.

This will be realised through the strong interdisciplinary research capacity assembled in the project, in the utilisation of marine biodiversity through the application of novel “omics” and high-throughput based technologies.

In alignment with the strategic objectives of Ireland’s national marine biotechnology programme, Marine Biotechnology Ireland, the Beaufort Marine Biodiscovery Project will also achieve:

  • The strengthening of the research capacity in marine biotechnology within Ireland;
  • The creation of a national interdisciplinary network of researchers working on the taxonomy, systematics and genetics of selected marine organisms (including marine invertebrates and microorganisms);
  • The development of analytical, culture, extraction techniques and screening processes for biochemical compounds with potential commercial applications in the development of drugs, therapies and biomaterials.

To access an overview of the National Marine Biotechnology Programme, please click here.