Data Managment

Helka Folch

Helka Folch [email:-]

Database Construction and Integration

The main objectives of this research project are to manage data  generated by the National Marine Biodiscovery Programme and link the data collected by the project's stakeholders to existing biodiversity, genetic and chemical resources. This has involved the implementation of  the BioDiscovery database hosted at the Marine Institute  to track the flow of samples and extracts among consortium partners and to provide analysis and decision support tools to prioritize active leads in bioactivity screening.


iPhone App

The database system includes tools aimed at the data mining and visualisation of biogeographical, genetic and chemical information that enable the identification of potential biodiversity and bioactivity 'hotspots'.

The purpose of this research project is also to develop innovative environmental monitoring technologies such as the BioDiscovery smartphone app aimed at facilitating the collection and sharing of biodiversity data.