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Past research

The initial MRRG research was completed in 2011.  The primary objects are number below.

  1. Mapping the extent of the historical and remaining Modiolus reefs.
  2. Monitoring the condition of the Modiolus reefs.
  3. Intervention, restoring the reefs through provision of substrate and re-seeding suitable areas.

The following are reports and peer reviewed articles that resulted from the project


       Final Report

Peer Reviewed Articles

Identifying optimal sites for natural recovery and restoration of impacted biogenic
habitats in a special area of conservation using hydrodynamic and habitat
suitability modelling

Authors: Björn Elsäßer a, Jose M. Fariñas-Franco, Conor David Wilson, Louise Kregting, Dai Roberts


Community convergence and recruitment of keystone species as performance
indicators of artificial reefs

Authors: Jose M. Fariñas-Franco & Dai Roberts


Early faunal successional patterns in artificial reefs used for restoration of impacted biogenic habitats

Authors: Jose M. Fariñas-Franco & Dai Roberts

DOI 10.1007/s10750-013-1788-y



Contact Information

Modiolus Restoration Research Group
Queen's University Marine Laboratory (QUML)
12, The Strand
BT22 1PF
Northern Ireland
Phone: +44 (0) 28 90972249

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