Census Datasets

1981, 1991, 2001 and 2011 Census Datasets

NILS members are linked to the 1981, 1991, 2001 and 2011 Census records which include a large range of information including demographic, socio-economic, self-reported health, housing and household and family structure data. Datasets are available for (a) Person (individual level), (b) Household (household-level) and (c) Non-Members (i.e. individual level information for all members of households with at least one NILS member). Variables include:

  • age, sex and marital status
  • religion and community background
  • family, household or communal establishment type
  • housing, including tenure, rooms and amenities
  • country of birth, ethnicity
  • educational qualifications
  • economic activity, occupation and social class
  • migration (from April 2001 onwards)
  • limiting, long-term illness, self-reported general health, care-giving
  • travel to work


We are very pleased to announce the new version of our data dictionary interface featuring: full variable information, advanced search options and the ability to save your own variable lists between sessions. We would greatly appreciate your thoughts on the new system so please find out more...


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