Vital Events Datasets

NILS sample members are also linked to vital events data, such as births and deaths, from the General Register Office for Northern Ireland. Datasets routinely linked include:

Births (January 1974 – December 2016)

  • New births into the NILS sample
  • Births to NILS sample mothers and fathers

Variables include: parents’ duration of marriage, employment and occupation status, age, social class, address, age, marital status, previous births, month and year of occurrence and registration, place of birth and sex. Please see GRO Births Information document for a background of the births information and variables.

Deaths (January 1991 - December 2016)

  • Deaths of sample members 

Variables include:  age, address, month and year of occurrence and registration, employment status, occupation code, social class, marital status, main cause of death, place of death.


Marriages (January 2005 - December 2016)

  • Marriages of sample members

Variables include:  month and year of marriage and registration, type of marriage, location of marriage, bride's age at marriage, groom's age at marriage.


Widow(er)hoods (January 1991 - December 2016)

  • Widow(er)hoods of sample members



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