Upcoming RAG dates

The NILS Research Approvals Group (RAG) meets every two months to consider applications for approval, and may provide some advice on how projects could be improved or stipulate changes to be made: please refer to the NILS RAG Applications Criteria.

The RAG includes representatives from the: Health and Social Care Research and Development Division of the Public Health Agency (HSC R&D Division),  Health and Social Care Business Services Organisation,  Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety, NISRA and academia.

Researchers will have the right to appeal any decisions in relation to their application to the NILS RAG (if the NILS-RSU/NILS Core make the decision) or to the NILS Steering Group (if the NILS RAG make the decision).  All decisions taken in relation to unsuccessful applications will be fully documented.

It should be noted that project applications and modifications must be submitted to NILS-RSU by 5pm TEN WORKING DAYS prior to the RAG meeting for consideration.  Please ensure that NILS-RSU have seen an initial draft of your project application ahead of these deadline dates so that feedback and comments can be provided from NILS-RSU to you in advance.


  RAG Deadlines 2019

  NILS RAG Dates 2019

  9 January

  23 January

  13 March

  27 March

  25 April

  9 May

  17 July
  31 July
  11 September
  25 September
  23 October
  6 November


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