Summer 2014 Edition

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Welcome to the Summer edition of NILS News

Welcome to the latest issue of NILS News which keeps you up-to-date on the Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study (NILS), and the related Northern Ireland Mortality Study (NIMS), including latest news, events and publications.

NILS 2011 Census Linkage Launch

The NILS 2011 Census Linkage Launch Event took place on Thursday 5th June at McAuley House, Belfast. RSU organised the event which provided participants with an introduction to the NILS 2011 link, explored some of the research which has been taken forward using the 2011 link and looked to the future at some of the exciting developments in administrative data.

Ian Shuttleworth (NILS-RSU) and Catherine McLoughlin (NILS-RSU) provided a brief introduction to the NILS and spoke of the benefits of the NILS 2011 link. Four of our NILS researchers Dr David Wright, Dr Aideen Maguire, Dr Myles Gould and Dr Stefanie Doebler all presented interesting talks on the outcome of their 2011 link projects.

The rest of the morning was spent looking forward to future developments. Aside from future links to the NILS database, delegates were introduced to the Census & Administrative data LongitudinaL Studies (CALLS) Hub, Synthetic data, the Administrative Data Research Centre and the Beyond 2011 project.

Further information relating to the individual sessions can be found on the NILS-RSU website and a further summary of the day's events can be found on our Storify link.

RSU would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our speakers for taking part in such a wonderful event. We hope that this will provide lots of inspiration for future work!

We would also like to encourage all attendees to complete our evaluation survey. Your feedback would be much appreciated and will help us to tailor future events.

NILS Approved Researcher Status

This will be mandatory from 1st July 2014.

Reminder: All new and existing researchers are now required to attain Approved Researcher status by completing the Application for Accreditation as an Approved Researcher form and to complete Safe Researcher Training. All researchers who wish to access data within the safe-setting are also required to have Baseline Personal Security Standard (BPSS) clearance. To be granted BPSS researchers will need to submit valid identification documents and complete an Access NI form.

Please contact the NILS-RSU for further details

Introducing NILS Fact Sheets

We have added a new Research Ideas section to our website where we intend to publish a variety of NILS Fact Sheets on a fortnightly basis.

The first of these Fact Sheets has now been published on our website. This Fact Sheet examines the representativeness of the NILS sample in reflection of the Census and looks at transitions in Marital Status between 2001 and 2011.

Our planned Fact Sheet publication schedule will highlight the potential uses for NILS in policy and Government research work. This section of the website will be expanded over time to respond to project ideas and policy specific research. We hope this will help stimulate some new projects ideas and possibly some collaborative approaches.

Project Ideas

Do you know of any potential NILS projects that are in the pipeline? Informing the RSU helps with resource planning and allocation.

Ideas will be treated as ‘Academic – in confidence’.

Potential projects can be very early ideas, reasonably well developed ideas or projects almost ready to go to the Research Approvals Group (RAG). As a minimum we need to know when project application forms are being drafted. All we need is a very short 10-15 word title.

We are regularly asked at the Steering Group, RAG and by funders what the demand may be like in the coming months. We need researchers to keep us informed so we can answer these queries and allow us to plan ahead.

Next NILS Data Release

As of Monday 31st March we have updated the NILS database to include Health Download data until October 2013, GRO Births and Deaths until end 2012 and a new NIMS11 database with Death data to end 2012 linked to 2011 Census data.

A further scheduled release date on 30th June 2014 will include Health Download data until April 2014.

Next NILS RAG Dates

The NILS Research Approvals Group (NILS RAG) meets every two months to consider applications for approval. A schedule has been released for NILS RAG meetings for the coming months. It should be noted that new applications must be submitted to the NILS-RSU by 5pm TEN WORKING DAYS prior to the RAG meeting for consideration.

RAG Application Deadline NILS RAG Dates
20th August 2014 4th September 2014

More information on developing potential projects can be found in the Access section of the NILS-RSU website. For more details contact the NILS-RSU.

Policy Impact Questionnaire

Are you involved with a current project or have you recently completed research on a project? If so we would like to remind you about our Policy Impact Questionnaire.

Your response would be greatly appreciated as it will help us to collect regular and up-to-date information on the public policy impact of all NILS and NIMS research. This will enable the array of public policy relevant research that has been completed to be demonstrated and help justify the current and future funding of the NILS and NIMS research.

Dates For Your Diary

The next Safe researcher training session will take place in McAuley House on Thursday 24th July 2014 at 2pm. Safe researcher training is provided by RSU on a monthly basis.

Keep an eye on the NILS-RSU website and twitter account for more upcoming training dates.

Safe Researcher Training Dates
24th July 2014 @ 2pm
19th August 2014 @ 2pm
25th September 2014 @2pm
21st October 2014 @2pm

Please contact NILS-RSU to book your place on this training.

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