Reports and Peer Reviewed Publications 

  • Gould, M. & Shuttleworth, I. (2017) "The Spatial-temporal Exploration of Health and Housing Tenure Transitions Using the Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study" in: J Stillwell (ed.), Routledge, Chapter 26, pp349-361, ISBN: 978-1-4724-7588-6 [Project 067]
  • Tseliou, F (2017) 'Young caregivers differ from older caregivers: a census-based record linkage study' - Presented at the ADRN Annual Research Conference 2017 in Edinburgh, 1-2nd June 2017. [086]
  • Shuttleworth, I. (2013) The intersections of labour market and household mobility: IB claimants and limiting long-term illness in Northern Ireland. OFMDFM [Project 055]

  • Shuttleworth, I. (2013) Social Investment Fund Areas and Population Dynamics: Describing and Analysing Internal Migration Moves into and out of Socially Deprived Areas using the Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study (NILS). OFMDFM [Project 062]

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