The NILS includes a range of variables which can be explored in a manner not possible through the use of any single dataset on its own. To date around 100 NILS research projects have been approved; some of which have been completed, some are in progress and some are planned to start later in the year. Many of these will have policy implications for Government departments, as evidenced by the project titles:

Breast Screening uptake in Northern Ireland

Area factors and suicide in Northern Ireland

Demographic and socio- economic determinants of antibiotic consumption in Northern Ireland

NILS provides an excellent opportunity to research and evaluate certain policies in Northern Ireland. The NILS and NIMS are powerful research resources which allow exploration of health and socio-demographic characteristics. The data is of interest to a diverse variety of researchers and policy-makers UK-wide and can be used in areas such as equality analyses, demographic trends, mortality studies, the impact of policies and the planning of services.

All applications to use either the NI Longitudinal Study or NI Mortality Study since the launch of both datasets in 2006 listed by current status:



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