A list of all completed projects which used either the NI Longitudinal Study or NI Mortality Study are listed below with links to further details:

Project 112: Community Belonging, Social Resilience, and Long Term Health Outcomes. Further details

Project 111: Spatialising health inequalities in Northern Ireland: A GIS based analysis of the relationship between socioeconomic status and respiratory disease. Further details

Project 109: Ethnic and Immigrant Ill-health and Mortality and their Predictors in Northern Ireland. Further details

Project 107: The relationship between birth weight and educational attainment. Further details

Project 103: Internet usage and residential moves: What do we know? Further details

Project 104: Assessing the impact of an ageing population and increasing levels of chronic illness and disability. Further details

Project 100: Mismatches and matches in address information from the Census and the BSO: A longitudinal perspective 2001-2011. Further details

Project 092: Mortality rates by occupation within the UK. Further details

Project 091: Do economic, social and health outcomes differ between people who remain in rural areas and those who leave? Further details

Project 088: Suicide Risk and Family Contagion. Further details

Project 086: Mortality associated with care-giving and care-giving related stress: a data linkage study. Further details

Project 085: Childhood residential mobility and poor mental health in adolescence and early adulthood: a record linkage study. Further details

Project 083: Measuring changes in religious-cultural segregation and its relation to health in Belfast Metropolitan Area by conditioning economic status. Further details

Project 081: Access to transportation, voluntary participation and the self-reported physical and mental health of older people who live alone in rural and urban Northern Ireland. Further details

Project 080: Religious Identities and Social Change in Northern Ireland 1991 – 2011.  Relationships with Mortality, Fertility and Health. Further details

Project 079: SYLLS (SYnthetic data for estimation for the UK LongitudinaL Studies). Further details

Project 078: Job stress and mental health status: the relationship between the number of hours per week spent working, current health status and accumulated prescriptions for symptoms of depression or symptoms of heart disease. Further details

Project 075: The Housing Gap Between Natives and Immigrants: Investigating the Variation in Housing Tenure Between Areas, Including Comparisons with Ireland and Great Britain. Further details

Project 074: Does month of birth matter? Educational, health and labour market outcomes in Northern Ireland. Further details

Project 073: Examining the area effects and health on variation in reproductive behaviour. Further details

Project 070: Does religious exogamy (mixed marriage) increase the risk of marital dissolution in Northern Ireland? Further details

Project 068: Mismatches and matches in address information from the Census and the BSO: A longitudinal perspective 2001-2011. Further details

Project 065: Is the risk of teenage pregnancy influenced by area of residence? Further details

Project 064: Who you are or where you live? Examining the impact of individual and area level effects on reproductive decision-making, health and risky causes of deaths in Northern Ireland. Part Two: Mortality. Further details

Project 063: Who you are or where you live? Examining the impact of individual and area level effects on reproductive decision making, health, and risky causes of death in Northern Ireland. Part One: Fertility and Reproductive Behaviour. Further details

Project 062: Deprived areas and disadvantaged people: Social Investment Fund areas and migration 2001-2010. Further details

Project 061: The grief study: sociodemographic determinants of poor outcomes following death of a family member. Further details

Project 060: Worked to death? An analysis of the relationship between the numbers of hours spent working, current health status and mortality risk. Further details

Project 059: The Dynamics of Cultural Integration – A Longitudinal Case Study on the Fertility and demand for maternity services of the two Communities in Northern Ireland using NILS. Further details

Project 058: Evaluating current area level indicators for measuring disadvantage. Further details

Project 055: Long-term illness, poor health and housing (im)mobility. Further details

Project 054: Current religious status and impacts on overall self-reported health, mortality risk and variations in cause-specific mortality: a comparison study between individuals with an existing affiliation to a religious denomination and those without. Further details

Project 053: Vital Events Standard Outputs: Using the NILS and the NIMS to Produce Annual Standard Outputs of Births & Deaths by Demographic, Socio-Economic and Area Characteristics. Further details

Project 052: Exploring the relationship between deprivation measured at individual, household and area level and cancer incidence and survival in Northern Ireland: An exemplar linkage study using the NILS and NICR databases.  Further details

Project 051: How accurate and timely are health registrations address data? An assessment using the NILS. Further details

Project 050: Forecasting Fertility in Northern Ireland using a Time Varying Coefficients Model. Further details

Project 049: Prevalence and patterns of antidepressant use among women of reproductive age in Northern Ireland. Further details

Project 046: A pharmaco-epidemiological study of Anxiolytic and Antidepressant Drug uptake in  Northern Ireland. Further details

Project 045: Income inequality and health:  a small area analysis.  Further details 

Project 044: An analysis of health status, mobility, demographic and socio-economic characteristics by occupational group. Further details

Project 043: Commuting, migration and health – a longitudinal study in Northern Ireland. Further details

Project 042: An exploratory analysis of the use of antibiotics by demographic and area characteristics – an exemplar study using the Northern Ireland Electronic Prescribing and Eligibility System (EPES) – NILS Distinct Linkage Project.  Further Details

Project 041: Religion, fertility and space. Further details

Project 040: Mortality after death of a spouse:Is risk the same for all groups? Further details

Project 039: Inter-Censal Migration Flows. Further details

Project 038: The effect of population movement on the spatial distribution of socio-economic and health status.  Further details

Project 037: A study of the socio-demographic and socio-economic factors related to risk of avoidable and preventable deaths in Northern Ireland. Further details

Project 036: Variation in morbidity and mortality by country of birth in Northern Ireland. Further details

Project 035: DHSSPS Equality Assessment of Health Outcomes using NILS. Further details

Project 034: The use of house value (as defined by rateable value) as an indicator of cumulative wealth in older people: a study using the Northern Ireland Mortality study. Further details

Project 033: An exploratory analysis of adolescent dental health and use of dental care services in Northern Ireland. Further details

Project 032: The Retirement Transition and the Celtic Fringe: Mobility Trends and Migrant and Rural Community Well-being. Further details

Project 029: From Black to the Twenty-first century – has it changed and how would we know? - A Study of Mortality differentials by social class over time in Northern Ireland and the impact of differing approach to measuring and comparing these. Further details

Project 028: Utilising and combining the Longitudinal Studies of England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland: developing a unified approach to investigating UK-wide regional differences in health, coupled with an exemplar analysis of the relationship between self reported morbidity and mortality. Further details

Project 027: Social Harm and the Elderly in Northern Ireland. Further details 

Project 026: Preliminary investigation into mortality rates and expectation of life for section 75 groups and social class. Further Details

Project 025: Applying modelled income indicator to the Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study. Further Details

Project 024: Preliminary Investigation into changes in socio-economic and urban/rural characteristics between 1991 and 2001 for section 75 groups. Further details

Project 022: Predicting Short Run Changes in Fertility in Northern Ireland. Further details

Project 021: A series of projects to explore the difficulties and benefits of linking health-service related data to the NILS. Further details 

Project 020: Describing and Modelling Internal Migration in NI 2001-2006 using the NILS: Individuals, Households and Places. Further details 

Project 019: Individual, household and area variations in alcohol related deaths in Northern Ireland. Further details

Project 018: Lone mothers at time of birth: who are they? An exploration of their socioeconomic and household characteristics. Further details

Project 017: A comparative study of the relationship between deprivation and health status in Northern Ireland and Scotland. Further details

Project 016: The distribution of cancer deaths in Northern Ireland by population and household type. Further details

Project 015: The socio-economic and cultural influences on the perception and reporting of self-reported health in Northern Ireland. Further details

Project 012: An exploratory analysis of child dental health and use of dental care services in Northern Ireland. Further details

Project 011: Area influences on health: does the extent of community or religious segregation matter? Further details

Project 010: A study of the feasibility of combining NILS and Social Services Care Administrative and Records Environment (SOSCARE) data to identify and profile children and families with long term and complex needs. Further details 

Project 009: A series of linked studies to examine the relationship between unemployment and health, using data from the Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study (NILS). Further details

Project 008: A study of the effects of emigration from Northern Ireland on the spatial distribution of health within Northern Ireland and on the health of other parts of the UK. Further details

Project 007: The Variation and Determinants of the Admission of Older People to Residential and Nursing Homes in Northern Ireland. Further details

Project 006: A study of denomination differences in health and short-term mortality in NI. Further details

Project 005: A study of the socio-demographic and area correlates of suicides in NI. Further details

Project 004: To explore the relationship between the self-reported health questions (LLTI & General Health in the previous year) and short-term mortality. Further details

Project 003: A study of the non-match rates to assess the magnitude and implications of any systematic biases in the non-linkage rates. Further details

Project 002: Temperature-related mortality and housing in Northern Ireland. Further details

Project 001:  Mortality amongst residents of nursing and residential homes in Northern Ireland. Further details 



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