Project 001

Project Title:

Mortality amongst residents of nursing and residential homes in Northern Ireland


Dr Dermot O’Reilly, Dr Michael Rosato, Dr Mark McCann and Dr Chris Cardwell


Queen’s University, Belfast



Project Summary:

It is generally recognised throughout the caring services that mortality is a rather extreme, but vital component of monitoring the quality of care. Mortality statistics are now routinely scrutinized in many branches of the health and social services; examples include the enquiries following maternal deaths stillbirths and deaths of infants in the first year of life; the reporting and analysis of post-operative mortality rates, and the post-Shipman surveillance of patient mortality rates amongst GPs. This research proposes to examine variation in mortality amongst the residents of nursing and residential homes of Northern Ireland.

Publications to date:

McCann, M., Investigating mortality in nursing and residential homes for older people, MSc Thesis, Queen's University, Belfast 2008.


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